Schools in Beverly, Massachusetts

by scayer on August 5, 2009

Beverly public schools consist of five elementary schools serving students in kindergarten through grade five. There is Back_to_Schoolone middle school and one high school. Additionally there is an alternative middle/high school created to provide a safe and supportive academic environment to engage “at-risk” and transitional students and challenge them to reach their full potential in an alternative secondary environment.   Overview of Beverly Public Schools 

Elementary Schools, Beverly                               

Ayers Ryal Side Elementary School - 40 Woodland Ave., Beverly – 978-921-6116

Centerville Elementary School - 17 Hull Street, Beverly – 978-921-6120

Cove Elementary School - 20 Eisenhower Avenue, Beverly –  978-921-6121

Hannah Elementary School - R41 Brimbal Avenue, Beverly - 978-921-6126

North Beverly Elementary School - 48 Putnam Street, Beverly – 978-921-6130

Beverly Middle School

Briscoe Middle School - 7 Sohier Road, Beverly – 978-921-6103

Beverly High School

Beverly High School - 100 Sohier Road, Beverly – 978-921-6132

Northshore Academy at McKeown School - 70 Balch Street, Beverly – 978-921-8303